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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Since Google will not let me leave comments...

... on your blogs

or even leave replies on my own blog...

I might as well go dance.

so sorry, mes amies, but its the thing between my server and Google.  They just don't get along.  I'll try again tomorrow night.  
Happy Labor Day to my American pals!!


  1. Sounds like a good idea! I hope they start behaving themselves soon!

  2. My dear Dawne! I love this photo....and you know what? GO DANCE MON AMIE! That is what I feel like doing for that is the way I deal with so many emotions, good and stressful!


  3. SOmething must be happening because I can't get any hotmail emails and may not get an answer for 5 days!!! huh?
    good luck with google!

  4. So nice to see you back from your trip, Dawne! Repetto is one of my first stops in Paris to check out the window. This scene is typically used for les soldes but it never fails to thrill me (and my camera). My favorite Repetto windows include at least one "real" tutu and a story about the ballet or the ballerina... can't wait to be back there in just a month!


  5. Hello Dawne

    Welcome home and thank you for the beautiful images. I will join you in a dance, how about a Slip Jig! (Irish)

    Helen xx

  6. Hi Dawne,

    Welcome back and love the photo of the ballet shoes, Repetto always do the most wonderful window displays.
    Sorry you are having trouble with Google, good luck with getting it working.


  7. I love the ballet shoes ! How annoying internet Things can be !
    I hope it is all straightened out soon. Blogger is changing, who knows what will happen to all of us !
    besitos, C

  8. ps... I found out people were not commenting because of the code that we have to fill out each time, which I also dislike, so I got rid of mine. Google catches the spammers and it is much less bother for everyone. You might want to look into that .

  9. Hello Dawne,
    Beautiful photos!

    I was having the same problem earlier in the year. I switched browser to Chrome, which is a google product and have never had a problem since. Blogspot loves Chrome, they work well together.

    Hope you sort it out.
    Much love

  10. YOU CAME! YOU CAME!!!!! IT WORKED! Oh Dawne, how are you my friend????? Having issues with Blogger? I see....but thank you so much that you made a trip to see me. Come into my château and have une bonne tasse du thé....viens, viens ma belle.....Anita

  11. Love everything Repetto, dear Dawne!
    And comments are now working? I hope!
    Have a wonderful weekend...
    - Irina

  12. Dawne, I remember this gorgeous window with the shoes piled high. Maybe we were standing next to one another snapping away! :)

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  15. I have no words to describe how wonderful your blog makes me feel. It fills me with hope that with luck, love and hard work my dreams will come true. It fills me with calmness, that so many things in life, can disturb. But most importantly it fills me with the knowledge that I have kindred spirits across the world that feel and love the same things that I do. Thank you so much for welcoming in.

  16. Hello Dawne

    I have missed seeing your smiling face here in blogtopia.

    I send you my best wishes and hope you are in good health


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