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Friday, April 13, 2012

More Belle...

The darling Mimi Bleu, publisher of 
just sent me a link to my photo essay on Marie Antoinette's hameau in the recent issue.  If you'd like to see it, click here or here.
We'll be going to this very place on 
Bastille Day, as part of our upcoming 
Photography Workshop in Paris and Normandy, where we'll be teaching our "painterly technique". 
For more info, email me at iluvfrance@wildblue.net


  1. Swoon!!! Thank you so much for posting this, dear Dawne, I am going to savor this dreamy gorgeousness with such joy...
    Merci! Hope all is well with you, sweet and talented friend. :)
    - Irina

  2. Very nice! Can't wait to watch over & over.

  3. Good morning lovely one!

    I am SO LATE HERE.....I cannot tell you how connected I feel to you and your vision and purpose. I wish I could go, but you know that....I wish you FUN and SUCCESS and I am looking forward to slowing down as school lets out so I can LET GO and RUN with BOO BOO!!!!!! Anita

  4. Absolutely dreamy and reminds me why I love to go to Versailles so much. This week I'm reading Farewell, My Queen, so it may be the closest I get to Versailles for a few months!

  5. Dear Dawne,

    How wonderful that your beautiful photo, from Versailles was printed in Belle Inspiration magazine, so romantic and dreamy and would so love to be there, right now.

    Have a lovely week

  6. I have heard so many people say the love the Hameau more than Versailes. I can see why from your beautiful article. Lovely and amazing images my dear, Dawne.


  7. Dearest Dawne,

    It was nice to see you come by....I guess I have just grown attached to you and was wondering how you were....I hope you plans for Paris are coming along and that all goes SO WELL! I wish NANCY could go with you to Paris; she is an excellent, a most EXCELLENT photographer!

    Be well dearest Dawne, Anita

  8. Hi Dawne
    Where will you be in Normandie? Don`t think that you are coming to Normandie and escaping without meeting for a cafe!!

  9. Such a lovely piece you did about the Hameau, your images are so gorgeous. Can't wait to meet up with you in July!

    à bientôt,