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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beautiful Belle Inspiration!

a p p r o a c h  t o  t h e  h a m e a u

from the story "L'Hameau de la Reine Marie Antoinette"

I am thrilled to have my photo story on Marie Antoinette's hameau featured in this month's issue of 

from Belle Inspiration's Facebook page

And what a beautiful issue it is, filled with all things romantic, feminine, fun, and French!

I've found lots of new Etsy shops I need to visit, and also several new blogs I need to check out.  And at under $20 for not just one, but TWO subscriptions, it makes the perfect gift for yourself and a friend!

Thank you Mimi Bleu, for doing such a wonderful, creative job with your magazine!


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July 6-11

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Dawne Polis


  1. DAWNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, I am so blessed to know that I have at least two articles in this magazine, and that one of MY PHOTOS (teehee) made the COVER ONCE!

    Your vision is astoundingly gorgeous, as you well know how I feel about your images. This is wonderful and I so hope that readers will see more of your work and knock down your door for MORE!

    OK, when are we going to talk? I am on spring break all this week, so just let me know when and I can call you or SKYPE.

    MUCH LOVE TO YOU my most talented and fun friend! Anita

  2. Oh, congrats to you! I'm headed over to see your photo in Belle Inspiration right now. I just love your Versailles photos!

  3. Hi Dawne,

    Congratulations having some of your fabulous photographs, featured in Belle Inspiration.
    The Hameau of Marie Antoinette's is so beautiful, love the swan on the water.

    Have a happy Sunday