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Monday, December 19, 2011

près de la rue Pastorelle

u n  b o n  d é j e u n e r

l e s  m u r s

l a m p  p o s t  a n d  r o o f t o p s

l e s   m u r s 2


  1. So lovely, Dawne! I had lunch yesterday at a French bakery and cafe here in Portland. I tried to imagine that I was in Paris and everyone around me was speaking French :~) But it wasn't quite the same :~/ How is your Christmas decorating coming along? :~)

  2. DAWNE DEAREST! School and LIFE in general has kept me away today. I saw this fabulous post early this morning but I had to run off to school. Every shade of aqua blue, brown and other neutral tones captures for me, the fantasy and fairytalish look to France that so many of us dream of. Oh how I wish I could take a trip to your part of the world!!!! MAGNIFICENT IMAGES!!! BISES, Anita

  3. Hello Dawne,
    what gorgeous photos you have here! It would be a dream to go on one of your expeditions.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.So glad somebody noticed my return! Makes all the difference.

  4. The first photo is my favorite. The menu looks très bon! I also love the grafiti contrast. To answer your question from your comment on our "Christmas by the Sea" post, the photos were actually taken on the peninsula in Newport Beach. We were trying to find the Christmas boat parade, but missed it! Naples in Long Beach is so beautiful, though. I took a pizza cruise/gondola ride for my birthday and I had so much fun. Have a lovely night and a very merry Christmas!
    ~Jess at Red Rose Alley

  5. Hi Dawne,
    Anita has led me to your blog and wonderful photographs several times. Love what you do. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Heavenly Minded and your encouraging words on my little poem.
    A happy Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  6. My dear and wonderful friend,

    To see your comment today as always, I not only see the words, but I FEEL the encouragement, sentiments and love. THANK YOU for visiting US today. This is what has made our Christmases even more special in the last 4 years..BLOGGING. To communicate with those who WANT TO and have something to share is a gift. MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU DURING THIS HOLIDAY and always! And you comments were just so touching....Anita