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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

les châteaux

m o n  c h â t e a u  e s t  t r è s  l o i n

c h â t e a u  d e  n i z u r a k

c h â t e a u  d e  l a  v e r r e r i e

c h â t e a u   d' a m b o i s e


  1. So magical, Dawne!!! And I remember just enough French to understand :~)

  2. I WAS IN AMBOISE and saw this Disney-like château that just took my breath away! DAWNE DARLIN'!!!!!!! HOW IS EVERYTHING ON THE FARM? Any snow? WE HAVE NONE...NADA. RIEN. ZILCH!!!! Oh well.....I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS! That one especially of Le Château de Nizurak is stunning. BIG HUGS TO YOU!! Anita

  3. Aaah, Merci Chere Dawne...thank you for a bit of gorgeous dreamland!
    And there is sweet Anita...yes, we are hoping for at least "a little" white Christmas, aren't we??
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    - Irina

  4. Hi Dawne
    Just having a little look through your recent post.. all so beautiful!!! the Montmartre are my favourite..

    Have a lovely week and lovely xmas.. thanks for popping in.. ciao xxx Julie

  5. c h â t e a u d e l a v e r r e r i e


    so beautiful

  6. Beautiful - that last picture is my favorite :)

  7. dear...living reality in the dream! the story in reality.fabulous

  8. c h â t e a u d e n i z u r a k...is gorgeous and dreamy...and so lovely...each and every place i visit...everafter farm and here is so beautiful...love the bookcase full of vintage books....and the shelf with lambs...and the autumn leaves...and the red barn...i am from upstate...and miss very much...so i shall be visiting your farm...if only in pictures to soak in those northern moments....blessings my creative friend...