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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Marie Antoinette's Hameau

l e   m o u l i n 

c h o u x  e t  p o i r e a u x

m a r l b o r o u g h  t o w e r


  1. Hi Dawne,

    Loved seeing Marie Antoinette's Hameau, this is fabulous, and the turret and the potager garden are lovely.

    Happy weekend

  2. I was absolutely enchanted by Le Hameau when I visited Versailles in 1987. It was so long ago that I really can't believe that I was actually there :~(

    I recently looked at the photos from my trip and unfortunately, they aren't so good, because all I had was a Nikon One Touch Point and Shoot :~/

    But one of these days, I'm going to scan in the negatives and play around with the photos in Photoshop and maybe I can save them. At least I have them and can look at them and remember how beautiful it all was :~)

    Thanks, as usual, Dawne, for the wonderful images! The processing is magical!!!

  3. So beautiful, dear Dawne...
    Dreaming of France now!! (and always) ;))
    Hope you are staying warm and cozy..
    - Irina

  4. Stunning Dawne. Your work is sppectacular and I can't wait for that coffee table book. I would like to order a signed copy please! :-)
    Much Love

  5. i AM SO LATE but nonetheless HAPPY to see one of my favorite spots in France LIGHT UP with your aura of CREATIVE BLISS!!!!!!!LOVE TO YOU DAWNE! Anita

  6. Absolutely enchanting--I love Marie Antoinette's Hameau, and I'm always sad when I hear friends have visited Versailles but never made it back to her little retreat. I've send you an email. Hope you got it???

  7. Just so beautiful! The effect you used for these photos is perfect. It is a dream of mine to visit this wonderful place someday. I love the idea of your photo tours. What a wonderful way to chronicle this storybook area.


  8. Oh my gorgeous friend,

    THANK YOU for coming to visit me today! I had to run off this morning and now I am back to visit YOU and to let you know that ONE OF THE PRIORITIES for me during this busy time is to WRITE BOO!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT ALL and I will be on it as much as I can! I am so blessed that you are my friend, Dawne. Yes, GRACE is one of the tools we are accorded on this journey we take until LOVE is COMPLETE ONE DAY!!! Anita

  9. Wow, Dawne, this looks really special and gets me dreaming ... great work! Hope your sunday is cozy and lovely!

  10. Dawn
    These are gorgeous pictures. Love the magic you infuse to already magical place. Thanks for your kind comments about Anita and my post. We hope to meet you one day.

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