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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pigalle and Montmartre

s a c r é  c o e u r 

l e  c o n s u l a t   

c h r i s   a t  l e  c o n s u l a t
[ Chris was a student on our November Photo Tour to Paris]

m u s é e   g r e v i n 

m o n t m a r t r e   v i n e y a r d 
 a t   n i g h t


  1. Dear Dawne,

    My goodness, what an experience you had! I am so glad your daughter is doing ok!
    Yes indeed, these moments do put everything into perspective..everything seems more of a blessing.
    Health and joy to you and your family.

    This post is stunning, Dawne. Your art is just breathtaking. I thought I could choose a favorite..but I cannot!! :) Just gorgeous, thank you!

    Many blessings to you,


    Again, NO ONE does it like you. NO ONE captures France like you and I tell you, YOU NEED to put a book together. Hmmmmm.....I have often thought of working with you to write to your photos...well, anyhoooo.....you need to compile a collection of your work for it transports us to a dream. EACH PHOTO HERE IS OUTRAGEOUSLY GORGEOUS!!!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING DEAREST! Anita

  3. DAWNE DARLIN'!!!!!

    Oh, how could I NOT include your genius vision through the lens in my BLACK FRIDAY shopping spree! I was out yesterday in a trendy shop and I was talking to the sales girl who loves photography. I had her get on her computer to look at my blog and she FLIPPED OUT AT YOUR PHOTO of Nevermore. I told her to check you OUT!!!!

    MANY HAPPY HUGS to you, my dear, dear friend! Anita

  4. BLESS YOUR HEART DEAREST!!!! You are so kind to buy them from me! I will include an EXTRA for you to frame. So you will receive SEVEN cards!

    Sooooo kind of you! You must have a wealth of fun things in your barn! Oh how I would love to forage in there!

    Have a cozy day; it is chilly here but wonderfully gray and moody. I love that...Anita

  5. gorgeous as always...and love that sense of magic I feel with your images..


  6. Dearest Dawne,
    YOU BET I WOULD LOVE TO GO SEE YOU AND PLAY IN THE ART BARN!!!!!!!!!! I am finding that I enjoy the mixed media art more than I ever enjoyed illustration. BUT I THANK YOU for ordering cards from me, but I do hope to put more books and theatres in my shop. You are a dear, dear friend, DAWNE!!!!!! Anita